Why is my lock sticking?

09 Feb Why is my lock sticking?

If your deadbolt or door knob is sticking or giving you troubles there are a few possible causes. All of which can be resolved by your local locksmith.

Oily Lubricants

The most common problem is lubrication. Make sure not to use any oil or anything that will leave fluid in the lock. Oily lubricants, or WD40 can temporarily help your lock operate more smoothly but it will eventually cause more problems. These lubricants tend to attract dirt and grime and will make your lock worse over time. Use a dry lubricant like powdered graphite. Or a silicone based lubricant that dries quickly.

Worn Out Keys / Copied Keys

Your key might also be the problem. When your key wears out it will stop working in your lock. Multiple copies of a key will cause it to be less and less accurate. If your stuck and you think the problem might be your key, try lifting up or pressing down on the key lightly while turning. Then get your locks or keys serviced by Lock King.

Misaligned Door Frame

Misaligned door frame is another common issue. The latch for your deadbolt or your knob might be missing the center of the hole in the frame. It might be catching on the edge of the strike plate causing problems while retracting the latch. Press in on the door or pull back while opening to get in if you’re stuck. Then call Lock King to come realign and get everything in smooth working order.

Worn Out Locks

Lastly, your lock may just be worn out. Call Lock King to come assess the problem. We can replace your parts at a fair price or repair your current lock. Lock King can get your lock working with used or new parts, and get everything operating smoothly at a price to meet your budget.

Call Lock King to service your locks or for advice. You use your locks many times a day, when they operate flawlessly it will make your day easier.

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