Why get your locks rekeyed?

28 Sep Why get your locks rekeyed?

Changing the keys to your house or apartment can offer security and peace of mind. Whether the previous residents surrendered the keys to you or not, does not mean you have all the keys. Keys are easily copied and handed out and there is no sure way to know you have the only keys to your house without rekeying it. The previous residents may have lent keys out to a neighbor or a friend. Someone you may or may not know and someone who now has access to your house.

If you purchased a home with several locks, Lock King can come to you and rekey all the locks to a new key and match all the locks to the same key. This saves you from having to go buy new locks, make sure they match the finish and shape of the rest of the door, and make sure the size of the bolt fits. A rekey is simple and easy, and relatively cheap.

If you are renting a new place, apartment or house, you should have your locks rekeyed as well. Your landlord is required to rekey the locks at your request if they haven’t already done so since the previous renter moved out. They aren’t allowed to charge you for this service. If you feel like you need them changed it should be done.

Rekeying can also improve the function of your lock. If your keys are sticky, or the lock is hard to open, a rekey will rectify this problem. If the bolt is hard to throw or retract, mention this to your locksmith and he can get everything operating smoothly. Adjusting the door strike or the lock should be included in your rekey service, or at least it is when you call Lock King.

All this aside, when you’re in a new place, it won’t truly feel like yours until you know where all your keys are. Get the keys changed and you’ll feel much better, it will feel like home.

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