Rekey or Replace?

11 Dec Rekey or Replace?

A debate in the mind of a DIY specialist or someone just trying to save money is whether to rekey their locks or replace them. Customers ask me this question frequently, which is the main reason for my unique pricing. I want my service as a locksmith to be reasonable and economical. It makes sense to call me to rekey, and it’s almost always cheaper as well.

New deadbolts range from $15-$60 depending on the style and brand. If you have a single lock on your apartment or house, it may be more economical to replace it yourself. If you’re handy with basic tools it can definitely be done. But be aware, you get what you pay for when it comes to locks. You don’t want to cheap out when it comes to security, and you don’t want to be stuck outside in the cold when your deadbolt stops working.

If you have multiple locks on your home then Lock King  is the cheaper and safer route. Rekeying your locks ensures that the finish of your lock and door look the same, and that everything is working smoothly and installed properly.

Whenever I reinstall locks after rekeying them I make sure they operate smoothly from both sides, I make sure the frame and strike is lining up properly, I lubricate the pins and bolt, and I ensure all keys work in all locks. I’ll also have a look at your door knob and make sure it’s tight and aligned. This is all included in my basic service.

As well, I recommend replacement only when necessary. Lock manufacturers have been using cheaper materials to build their deadbolts. I prefer most of the older deadbolts to the new ones. They are easier to repair and can be made to last a lifetime if treated properly. Rekeying will preserve that lock, and you’ll be left with a higher quality lock than if you replaced it. If replacement is necessary, Lock King can recommend a suitable and high quality part that won’t break the bank.

A good locksmith has a wealth of knowledge about security and door hardware. While Lock King is rekeying your locks feel free to point out additional concerns no matter how trivial or extreme they may seem.

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