Problems with Honda Locks

16 Jun Problems with Honda Locks

Early 2000’s Honda ignitions and door locks are notorious for jamming up. Poorly designed lock wafers have caused problems in Hondas and it’s relatively simple for a locksmith to repair. However, the most difficult hurdle to overcome may be the urgency required or the location in which your vehicle may be stuck.

I’ve come across people that need to get to work, or catch a flight, and it’s at that point their ignition jams. As well, if you don’t have a keyless entry fob, your door lock may jam up. I’ve received calls from customers that were camping far from civilization and their ignition locks them out.

For these reasons there are some things to remember to hopefully keep yourself out of trouble with your Honda locks.

  • Keep your keychain light. Do not hang excessive key chains and unnecessary keys from your ignition. It will wear out your locks quicker.
  • Keep some lock lubricant handy (not WD40, use a lubricant specific for locks). A healthy dose of lock spray, run your key in and out of the lock, and a light tap on the back of the key, may temporarily turn your lock over. If you get it started, don’t turn it off until you’re where you want to be. This problem will return if you don’t get it fixed.
  • If you feel your locks getting sticky or catching, take it to a locksmith immediately.
  • Honda spare keys can be expensive but try to keep an unused spare key on you. An unworn, new key may turn your lock over. But this is another temporary fix, so get it to a locksmith immediately.
  • If you can’t get your Honda started and must call a locksmith, it will cost you a bit of money regardless but you can cut cost by helping the locksmith do the work. Whether it be your door lock or your ignition, remove as much of the interior panels as you can to reveal the lock. I may cover in another article how to remove the door lock or ignition yourself. But if you can find out how to remove the ignition or the door lock, a locksmith can quickly show up and repair your locks for you.

The Honda lock problem is very common, I receive calls about it frequently, so be vigilant and repair this problem as soon as it starts to give you trouble. It may cost you a bit of money, but it will save you a lot of hassle down the road.

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