Can I buy lock picks in Canada?

18 Jan Can I buy lock picks in Canada?

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just like the cool factor of buying lock picks, here is some information about purchasing lock picks.

In most Canadian provinces (including BC and Alberta), locksmiths require a government issued locksmith license. To obtain a locksmith license you must apprentice for two years, get a criminal record check, and have your fingerprints on file. This ensures anyone with lock picks and the ability to bypass locks is trustworthy.

You can still buy lock picks online, and it is legal to possess them if you don’t have a locksmith license. But you are not allowed to have them on your person outside of your home. If you are caught with lock picks and no license it can be considered intent to use them maliciously. The easiest way to wrap your head around the law is to think of them as a concealed weapon. You can buy something like brass knuckles and have them in your home (for whatever reason you would do that). But if you’re stopped and searched and you have brass knuckles in your pocket, you can get in big trouble. Your item will be confiscated, and you can be linked to a crime involving that item. It’s best just to avoid the hassle and keep your picks at home.

If you’re interested in learning lock picking there are a lot of YouTube videos and online forums available for information. You can also purchase practice locks made of clear acrylic so you can see the pins move as you pick them. Or contact your local locksmith for some leftover junk locks he might be throwing away and practice on those. Some rules to practicing lock picking are: only pick a lock that you own, and only pick a lock that isn’t in use. If you’re inexperienced while picking locks you can damage the lock beyond repair.

Contact Lock King for more information on lock picking and for practice locks if interested.

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