11 March, 2016

Locksmith Lingo

Speaking to an expert in their trade can be overwhelming. Here are terms you might hear from a locksmith. You can also use the lingo to ensure you’re communicating properly with your locksmith. Backset The distance from the edge of the door to the center of the...

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22 February, 2016

Keyless Locks

When you make the decision to go keyless it can make things pretty handy. You should still carry your keys (incase of lock failure) but not having to dig them out of your pocket is a great convenience. While the technology for smart phone connected locks...

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09 February, 2016

Why is my lock sticking?

If your deadbolt or door knob is sticking or giving you troubles there are a few possible causes. All of which can be resolved by your local locksmith. Oily Lubricants The most common problem is lubrication. Make sure not to use any oil or anything that will...

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25 January, 2016

Alarm Installer Identity Theft

A recent story on CBC revealed an Alarm Installer in Alberta may have stolen IDs and credit cards from a customer’s home. Alarm technicians and locksmiths share a lot of similar responsibilities, seeing a story like this makes me quite angry, but you can find some...

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18 January, 2016

Can I buy lock picks in Canada?

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just like the cool factor of buying lock picks, here is some information about purchasing lock picks. In most Canadian provinces (including BC and Alberta), locksmiths require a government issued locksmith license. To obtain a locksmith license you...

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11 December, 2015

Rekey or Replace?

A debate in the mind of a DIY specialist or someone just trying to save money is whether to rekey their locks or replace them. Customers ask me this question frequently, which is the main reason for my unique pricing. I want my service as...

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28 September, 2015

Why get your locks rekeyed?

Changing the keys to your house or apartment can offer security and peace of mind. Whether the previous residents surrendered the keys to you or not, does not mean you have all the keys. Keys are easily copied and handed out and there is no...

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30 June, 2015

Securing your RV

Many of you may worry about your RV’s security from time to time. Whether you’re camping, or parked at home for the season, your RV may have valuables you will want to keep secure. Propane tanks, camping gear, or the coveted full cooler, are critical...

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16 June, 2015

Problems with Honda Locks

Early 2000’s Honda ignitions and door locks are notorious for jamming up. Poorly designed lock wafers have caused problems in Hondas and it’s relatively simple for a locksmith to repair. However, the most difficult hurdle to overcome may be the urgency required or the location...

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14 June, 2015

What kind of deadbolt should I buy?

You may not realize how often you use your deadbolt. Several key turns a day, it may be one of your most commonly used household items. It’s important to make sure you have something you’re satisfied with. Cheaper definitely isn’t better when it comes to...

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