Alarm Installer Identity Theft

25 Jan Alarm Installer Identity Theft

A recent story on CBC revealed an Alarm Installer in Alberta may have stolen IDs and credit cards from a customer’s home.

Alarm technicians and locksmiths share a lot of similar responsibilities, seeing a story like this makes me quite angry, but you can find some assurance in knowing that BC licensing procedures for locksmiths are more secure.

Locksmiths require a clean criminal record, a long survey, fingerprints on file, and a 2 year apprenticeship. BC locksmiths must carry their locksmith license, which is a government issued photo ID. You can ask to see it before any work is done, and I strongly urge you to refuse entry to anyone claiming to be a locksmith but doesn’t have a license.

Beyond being deemed trustworthy by the BC government, Lock King is trustworthy on a whole other level. At Lock King we provide reliable service at a fair price. We will never attempt to upsell unless we truly believe you need it. We don’t snoop in your house while we work, and we don’t divulge information about any services we’ve provided. Lock changes, safe sales, and security upgrades are all kept secret. If you want to be even more discreet, inform Lock King and we will park around the block and try our best to keep hidden from your neighbours.

For the best prices, peace of mind, and trustworthy service. Call Lock King  anytime.

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